Night at the Museum Event – Visual Identity

Visual identity for the 10th Night at the Museum event. Includes poster (100 x 70, 50 x 70), invitation (A6), web graphics (gif and facebook graphics) and a special map of an old town park (A3), in which the party took place. It was to honour the occasion of 150 anniversary of its creation.

I’ve been doing posters and visual identities for Museum in Slupca for a couple of years now. I know the specifics of this little town and for sure posters must be done with strong, vivid colours and clear graphic design and typography. They need to stand out of the rest of posters and adverts that people are sticking to the walls there. That’s for the colours and style.

According to the whole idea (a tree and hidden couple kissing behind): it came to me as a result of thinking about town park, which has always played a great role in local people lives. There were parties, dancings, pickincs. There were a little pond with wooden bridge and boats. People were going there also simply for peaceful walks, holding their hands, kissing on the benches. I was given a pile of old photographs to make a map from them and I decided to use them also for a poster and whole identity.

I used old photographs (scanned) and Photoshop. I’m currently working on CS6 suite and using Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet.

First I’m always doing sketches, on paper, drawing the ideas that are coming to me. Then I choose two-three best ones and start to make them on computer. Here I used some old scanned photograps, so the effect of my works is more collage-alike. I work work work to reach the stadium that I really enjoy. When I’m done, I’m sending two-three propositions to Museum to decide and check if there is everything all right with the text. We do some corrections and after everything is fine, I’m free to design the rest of the visual identity: invitation (that is never a copy of a poster – how boring it would be!), some web graphics, gifs (I just can’t get enough of them!) and other stuff that Museum wants. At this case I had to do a folding map of the park, which will show the younger ones how the park looked like years ago. As a result, I’ve created a memories-map, where one can find places from their youth.

People were touched, especially when we are talking about this map of the park. And the whole project was visible and drew people’s attention – there were many who came to the event.
I’ve learned funny thing – cause it was my first time printing something on offset – that my idea of “raw paper” doesn’t always fits the printer’s idea of it. As a result the map was rather shiny and slippy. But maybe – thanks to that – it will last longer?

Dominika Czerniak-Chojnacka

graduate from graphic design
at the University of Arts in Poznan, Poland
and from pedagogics at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
currently working as an assistant at the Illustration Studio at University of Arts in Poznan,
studying on full – time graduate studies in art at UMK in Torun,
also did the master degree in antropology of culture