NIKE AirLacing concept

Nike Airlacing – A self inflating shoe using the pressure of the foot to inflate the shoe without the need of additional power. Lacing principle has been taken from pressure suit of jet fighter pilots. It has an elastic hose tied by laces, when hose inflates – laces stretches tighter.

I just wanted to explore something new, like new lacing principle or new material for footwear. Then i saw Nike Ease Challenge and it pushed me to idea of self-inflating shoe. The task was: “Make a shoes for ALL athletes” it means for kids and old people and disabled people as well. This shoe should be easy to wear and remove.

Of course it was a lot of hand-sketches in the beginning, then i made some renders it in the Photoshop. I also made gif animation for showing how my concept working. Unfortunately i didn’t made the mock-up of this shoe, but i hope to provide it in a future.

I was glad to share my idea with people and i have no fear if someone will criticize it.
People responds very actively, someone says that: “This concept is a crazy!” And it’s very nice for me, because i think that good project awakes people’s emotions and i hope someone was inspired by this concept.

Do not fear to share your crazy design ideas. Do not fear if someone steals your idea. I think, the more you give, the more you get.

Ilyas Darakchiev

Hi! My name is Ilyas, i’m footwear/industrial designer, who graduated from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Arts as Transportation design Bachelor. So, i love my job and I love to make interesting things.