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Office Loft by Anna Chaika

Office Loft by Anna Chaika

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December 9, 2015

Ukraine based Designer Anna Chaika's Office Lost envisions a modern and minimalist yet functional office space for today's contemporary workers. Anna's office loft gives a very open and bright feeling which is probably advantageous for employees. Let's see her design!


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Location: Ukraine. Kiev. 25 floor high-rise buildings near the park Nivki and the American Embassy. It was designed for the creative team. The office uses natural materials, wood, plywood, ceramic, metal, cardboard, leather, glass partitions. Openspeys. This office is for those who have no barriers at work, so it is free for a modern and new. The office is laid out for work and leisure, especially for the needs of the creative team. And everyone knows how creative people need inspiration. The design of the office, I would not use the items for its intended purpose. I used cardboard tubes that hang them on the ceiling and lights built into them.
-Anna Chaika





My father was an artist. I was inspired by him ever since I was a kid. I think the 'artist' genes was in me too, so it really helped me gave a direction to what I like to do in the future. I'm a designer and being born for that would bring the community a beautiful and modern design. Trust, mutual understanding, respect and friendship - these are components of my success.
-Anna Chaika

Anna Chaika

Anna Chaika

Anna Chaika

Anna Chaika

For this design I was inspired by the view from the window! City Center, 25th floor, clean air, and at the bottom of a large park and a sense of freedom and limitlessness in their ability and power!
-Anna Chaika

About Anna Chaika

Anna Chaika is an interior designer and decorator. She's currently based was born in Ukraine. She graduated from the Institute of Advertising and Design in Ukraine. She's worked in the field of design for more than 7 years. All her skills are implemented in unique projects of modern design: interior design, graphic design, industrial design and décor. For Anna, there is no hard and insurmountable challenges, there is a boring and uninteresting! The more complex the task, the more joy she presume for her. Anna loves experimenting. There are no clear rules and templates, more imagination and incredible ideas - that's the key of contemporary design. See more of her work on Behance or her website.

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