Panificadora Moutinho

The INTODesign Creative Studio invited me to take part in an exciting project, to photograph the Panificadora Moutinho (a bakery). A company that manufactures Folar de Valpaços and traditional bread. With a long history, the work process is hard, the effort is constant and the result is delicious. It’s a process of total dedication that goes through many phases in an after hours labor. Transmitting through photography the essence and rigor of daily dedication was a challenge.

Photographing without interfering with work was the main focus. The objective was to create a strong contrast between light, shadow and object, to highlight only the intended. I tried to convey the purity of the work, the difficulty, the steps, the moments, the pauses, the dedication and finally the daily simplicity of those who dedicate themselves every day to provide one of the oldest pleasures, bread.

The idea was to have 1 or 2 strong lights, to create a strong contrast between light and shadow, to distance the background noise. I used 2 studio flash (Visico 300w), Canon 5d mark III with Canon 24-70mm f.28 II because it allowed me to be versatile. The edition went through lightroom and photoshop.

Being able to provide real insight, but different from what thousands of people are used to, has been positive. The unknown is valued and appreciated with much more pleasure. I learned that it was an opportunity to highlight the simplicity of a hard work that must be appreciated in another way.

Álvaro Martino

Álvaro Martino, 1984 Portuguese photographer and graphic designer based in Porto. Currently living on a roller coaster where he’s finding his way to “the world of photography”. What defines him is natural light, forms and moments. He’s also the Co-Founder and photographer of We Came From Space. WCFS is a transmitting knowledge platform of support to young talents and a link to the business world.