Paramparaagat- A Communication Campaign

The main aim of the campaign was to promote and facilitate indian dining habits/beliefs/traditions and amplify its benefits through the medium of an indian multi cuisine restaurant. Also to give an action plan and provide the essence of indian lifestyle and make them respect the beliefs. These beliefs/traditions were promoted though some restaurant collaterals like menu cards, wall graphics, dining mats and some small table collaterals.

Today, people have forgotten the old indian dining habits/beliefs/traditions, which have logical and scientific reason behind the practice, so in order to promote such beliefs, this social campaign topic was chosen.
The colours have been derived from the Indian earthenware, copper vessels, Indian traditions of making rangolis and indian food and Indian culture. The Style has been inspired from the Indian Madhubani Paintings and the Indian rangolis made around the plates and on the earthenware!

I have first sketched my artwork on roughsheets making a rough layout. Typefcaes were explored according to the style. Then have made the artwork using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. First i had scanned my sketches and made them using pentool on the illustrator and the mockups are made on the photoshop using stamp and brush tool.

People got attracted towards such usage of colours and small illustrations. They liked the concept of such a restaurant.
My learnings from this project were that i now understood how to promote and facilitate any social cause to the required target audience. Also to make use of right typefaces, colours and graphic style.

drishti taori

Hello, I am Drishti Taori, a young Graphic Designer from Nagpur and am completing my final year at
MIT Institute of Design, Pune. I am an enthusiastic and organized person, always looking to explore new design ideas and take up challenges. Any natural or man-made patterns are of great interest to me. In my opinion, a design should be user centric and also thinking made into visual so that it appeals to the mass. I am hardworking and a sincere person.