Pokemon Sun and Moon Mystery Dungeon

This project is a fanart of the Pokemon Sun and Moon franchise. I use the new Pokemon starters and Pikachu to illustrate a scene of them in an adventure like Mystery Dungeon. I wanted to make a illustration to celebrate the release of the new game last month (december/2016). Then I decided to use these characters of the new franchise and Pikachu dressed up. I haven’t seen any fanart or work like this so I came up with to do something nobody has done yet. This project was for me to study composition, colors, scenery, brushes and new ways to illustrate. I wanted to make Pikachu use the cap with the colors of the original Pokemon cap, to make it looks like it’s Red’s (or Ash’s) Pikachu. Makes me really happy that everybody enjoyed it!

This project I made because I have been a pokefan since 1996! Last December Pokemon Sun and Moon arrived and I was super excited that’s why I did this illustration with the new Pokemon Starters characterized as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I choose the colors while I do the image research, it helps a lot!

Before any illustration I do, I have to take some time to do a research. I take hours looking at images on pinterest, google images, tumblr, facebook, etc. Then I choose some images that I like in this research and I start to doodle some ideas. The one that I like the most, I go all the way and finish it. I always use computer to illustrate, it’s so much easier! I love to use Clip Studio Paint, i recommend! ?

I think people respond well. On the internet they said that my illustration is dynamic and very nice. ? I was really happy about it, i took about three- four days to do it, so i’m satisfied that I received some recognition. ?

I am a very very low self esteem person. Sometimes I doubt myself If I am really making this, If I am really good or I got lucky. This thoughts always breaks me and makes me believe that I can’t do this. I just want to say that to artists like me, that just keep drawing! It’s really hard I know, but, in little steps this bad feelings will become wins and you can look back and see that it’s all in your head. Don’t be shy, show your work, keep illustrating, drawing, animating, anything! Don’t let random people define who you are as an artist. Do what you belive it’s best for you and keep going!

Luísa Furukawa Mussel

Hi! My name is Luísa Furukawa and i´’m a brazilian Freelance Artist , I usually work with Storyboards and Illustrations but I can Animate too!
Feel free to e-mail me for any questions!
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