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Posters "SUMMERTIME", Silpo Grocery Store

April 1, 2018
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Eight posters with the bright summer mood have been created for the grocery store in Kiev (Ukraine) and its interior design.
The key visuals are the people from the Cote d'Azur and their happy life there. All posters I have done in my unique Art Deco style. These posters are the perfect addition to the huge illustrations in the same concept all around the store's walls (my art work too).

The main idea of the grocery store's design was to create the atmosphere of the french Cote d'Azure, recognizable Kiev's views and Art Deco epoch at the same time and place. 8 posters have been made to mantain this idea and have been placed just in the middle of the shop. We can see happy people spending their summer time in different ways. It was very important to create posters in Art Deco style but I had the aim to make it fresh and really up to date. All colors are bright like summer itself.

I start my work from the pencil sketch to get with some idea. Then I begin to choose colors and I go to illustrator to finish the image. I need to think over the ideas for all the posters and after that to design each one by one. So in the end I receive the whole lovely summer story about the life on the french riviera.

The grocery store with Summertime Posters was opened on September the15th. Now it is one of the brightest and most interesting grocery store in Kiev. Original concept and beautiful illustrations attract huge amount of buyers ? I had opportunity to bring the Art Deco style in the fresh and modern manner, the important fact for me to bring life in every illustration.

You can see the interior wall's desing of the same store here Behance


Sergei Serebrennikov, Miami.
Creative graphic designer and artist, known for its unique work in the style of retro and art Deco. Having extensive experience in advertising, Sergei was digital creates illustrations, posters, etc advertising materials for various companies.
In 2014 Sergei moved to the USA, leaving Russia post of art Director on the TV-channel “Moskva24”, and began work on creative projects.
In 2016, Sergey won the contest of posters for the famous festival “Miami Beach Art Deco Festival”, which takes place on ocean Drive in Miami beach for more than 40 years, and became the official artist of 2016.
Later, he created a series of posters for the wall design Art Deco Welcome Center in Miami beach and a series of works dedicated to famous buildings in Miami beach such as The Bass Museum, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, South Pointe Park and so on. These works were exhibited at his personal exhibition at the Art Deco Museum, 2016 (Miami Beach).
Sergei regularly participates in various festivals, repeatedly included in the short lists of international festivals and exhibitions: shortlist 2015 International Fine Arts Competition by Art Fusion Galleries; Runner-up of open contest «DIGITAL DECADE 2016» (London).

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