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Radio App Design

Radio App Design

Keren karasik
September 14, 2017
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This is a Radio app , where you can listen to your favorite Ambient music with a Space atmosphere surrounding you! you can listen to other creators and add their music to your playlist and even-like, share & comment. And The best part is- you can create your own ambient music, with only the tip of your finger!
*this project was made at my interactive course at Wizo academy of arts&design.

We had a project, and the mission was to turn a radio station on the web or radio, to an app.
I chose to make the "ART.FM"(ambient) radio into an interactive app that has a similar concept like Soundcloud.
The ambient sound & the feeling gave me the idea to create the space atmosphere inside the app. The color is ,of course ,taken from looking at a lot of starts and galaxies from google images ?

The tools I used were,After effects & Illustrator. Illustrator to create the basis shapes, or, everything basically. First of all
I made wireframes in my sketchbook of how I wanted everything to work. I searched around Pinterest for a little inspiration to how everything is going to look . Then I started making the "screen" in illustrator over all I had 6 screens, Including a commercial inside the app( the lecturer asked to do so). Then I inserted the screens in After effects, and started to move things around, and that's it ?

They actually liked it, There was one guest that came to give us feedback and said: "when I first heard you saying this app's concept is Soundcloud, I was kinda worried, and oh my god another one is trying to make a Soundcloud app, but when I watched your video preview, I was surprised, for the better, because your app is not like Soundcloud's user experience, it's better! it's interesting & it's new!" . so overall I had a great feedback, but of course there's always corrections. ?

If you're interested you can check other of my works here :))

keren karasik

Hi! I'm a visual communication graduate. I specialize in Motion design, video art & VFX.
currently studying animation :)

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