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Rustic C

Rustic C

Gustavo Rodríguez
September 28, 2018
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Design inspired by the traditions and customs of the Colombian indigenous culture with a touch of modernity in which I included pine wood and carbon steel, forming an ideal container for the condiments. reflects the essentialism and minimalism. I wanted to design an element of the traditional kitchen in this case a salt shaker and a pepper shaker, making the kitchen a space to enjoy good design

It was born from a university project in which he included the cultural design of a specific region. incorporating modern industrial processes, good design and indigenous culture, pine is a typical wood used in household elements by the Colombian community and metal is an important industrial element that when agreed generate a good product.

It was made from well-defined geometries based on the cylinder then incorporate patterns, divided the sections and deformed the cylinder to give more robust. I use rhinoceros 5 to model and vray to render, I included pine wood and carbon steel, forming an ideal container for the condiments. reflects the essentialism and minimalism.

It is important to rescue the traditions and customs of the indigenous communities, you can create unique elements that combine craftsmanship with advanced industrial processes.
I learned that a good design is one that transmits feelings either in the use of materials in the way of use or in textures. with this you can in a certain way rescue constumbres that have been lost over time.

Gustavo Rodríguez

I am an industrial designer, product engineering student and co-founder of cubeconcept studio, I was born in the municipality of Sogamoso. I am 24 years old in Colombia. My philosophy is based on essentialism to provide unique designs and a well-defined concept that gives added value to each design. I am passionate about modeling and 3d rendering, I have extensive experience in the design of furniture products although I also enjoy propective product design among others, my works include from basic products such as furniture, electronic devices, personal products, and some designs Of transport. In my work I usually combine minimalism, elegance, prospective and a personal touch in which I like to include metal materials and some woods.
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