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Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall

Raphael O'Selle
November 29, 2016
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Create a new brand for scenic painting and prop-making agency Sarah Hall. After working for a number of years by word of mouth the agency wanted to increase their visibility in the market by creating a new brand and website to showcase their work.

The three horizontal lines and two vertical lines represent the initials of Sarah Hall but also create the illusion of a shop front. The monochrome colour palette adds class and quality and compliments the simplicity of the logo. The clients brief was to create a simple and elegant brand which can be easily recognised across all communication platforms.

The process was very straightforward as the client was really honest and very open to creative suggestions. I brought my sketch pad to their meetings and created a few ideas which they liked which I then developed in Adobe Illustrator.

The general response was very positive which was a massive relief. Most importantly the agency was full of praise for the work produced and resulted in increased brand awareness and securing long term contracts with window display agencies. The valuable lesson I learnt from this project is building trust with the client really helps to create work both parties can be proud of.

Raphael O'Selle

Graphic designer and brand manager based in London. Love everything football and design :)

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