When I approached the project the client had already decided the name for this product – Singular – and they had the will and the conditions to produce a great and unique blend. Singular it’s a special high range Vinho Verde wine produced by A&D Wines in Baião, Portugal. Singular is a wine made with grapes grown with sustainable farming practices selected exclusively by the winemaker. It is an aromatic wine, produced with minimal intervention techniques. It is complex, full-bodied, with a long and pleasant taste.

When searching for an image of singularity, my first attempt drawings were around a distinguished person, a beloved one. When searching for that special individual I’ve realised that we humans are all singular! The final illustration represents a dense gigantic mass of people. Every little drawing it’s different and unique, like this wine – singular.

I’ve started with line drawings made with pen. I have drawn dozens of little figures. I’ve scanned these drawings and worked them individually in Adobe Illustrator. Afterwards I’ve worked those vector shapes in Photoshop adding textures until I got the final illustration. At the same time I’ve worked the label layout in Indesign responding to various technical specifications required to wine certification. Finally I have prepared the files for print and followed the process of printing in person, caring for each detail.

The project has been having good feedback in Behance and social media. It has been featured in some websites of reference in packaging design as well. Having positive feedback from my peers is good for self-confidence and makes me aim to continue working in improving my work.

Mariana Rio it’s a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Porto, Portugal.

Mariana graduated in Communication Design by the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto and also studied in the Academy of Fine Arts of Wroclaw.

Her work has been featured by the AOI World Illustration Awards, the Nami Island International Picture Book Illustration Competition Seoul, Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators worldwide 2013/2014 Vienna, 3×3 The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration New York, CJ Picture Book Awards Seoul, the Portuguese National Illustration Prize and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair among others.