An identity design project for the fashion brand “Sisters”— a sartorial intersection between the unfussy L.A. style and casual French elegance.
Sisters has an approach that arose from a collective mindset of the inspiring women around us. The collection contains timeless and special items that are missing from our wardrobes such as easy wrap dresses with a sexy twist.

I built up the whole design concept based on a “sisterhood” theme by creating a bond between two “S”. I used that bond system also in a dynamic way by changing the direction of the bond with two S. It creates also a nice contrast and a strong structure with the logotype “Sisters”.

The main tool that I used was Illustrator CC. I used Photoshop CC for the presentation and photo editing. I used Indesign CC for the editorial elements. I started with creating the S-S emblem with Illustrator. Then I built up the whole identity system elements, print materials etc.

As far as I can see the responds were quite ok. Especially the owner of the brand -who is a close friend of mine- loved it. I always find really challenging and exciting to design an identity for your friends. Moreover, the execution of non-commissioned works are mostly better and less stressfull!

Ozan Akkoyun

He is a communication designer who focuses on art direction and graphic design. His practice gives a range of creative services — from digital, spatial, editorial and identity design to branding & typography. He creates these projects in the fields of culture as well as commercial. He’d like to work with people who has a clear vision.