In this photoshoot I used all natural lighting. The shoot took place in an old Lava tube in central Oregon. The way the light beamed down from above created a studio like, lighting. I continue to explore natural lighting and re-creating landscapes and scenes. I always strive to show people a place in a new light. The cave we shot in has been photographed many times, but never has it been depicted in the way I did.

I was intrigued by the studio lighting effect that the natural light created coming through the small skylights in the ceiling in the cave, we light some smoke bombs and the whole space turned into a mystical expanse. I have always worked with natural lighting, I love the simple and soft quality that it brings to a photo.

The photos were shot using my nikon camera. We also used smoke bombs inside the cave to help illuminate the light streams coming from the ceiling. I then edited the photos in lightroom, I tweaked the coloring in some of them. Giving them more red or blue hues to give the images a feeling of being underwater or in a studio.

People really enjoyed the project, the coloring I used in post production and the silhouettes created from the skylights were visually pleasing. People also enjoyed the diversity between the photos, they were all shot in the same shoot but the way I edited them makes it seem they are from different time frames.

There is so much in the natural world we can recreate or create visions. I love to create a scene that is unique and inspiring.

summer wuerthner

Transformative and visionary photographer from Portland Oregon. With a passion for depicting themes that will transform the way people think and feel. To portrait visions that will inspire a new way of being.