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Social Vip Site by Jessica Serrano

Social Vip Site by Jessica Serrano

Honey Adraque
November 7, 2015
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Social Vip is a company that produces free magazines in three different departments in Bolivia. It has a website but it was too old and had a rigid design that didn't adequately represent their images. So, they needed a refresh and modernity that reflects their target audience and can enter all the previous editions from their computers or devices mobile. That is the reason why this project is created. Read on and enjoy!

My inspiration for the organization of the elements and contents (information architecture) comes from the behavior of users to browse a website and the tastes of the target audience, because its very important to place near its focus the interest information. The new design has forms, typography and colors that give modernity and simplicity , to reflect not only the brand, but also to facilitate user navigation.

- Jessica Serrano


Since its a magazine with lots of information captured in one place, the challenge was to adapt all the information from each new edition in a form that the user can easily find it and not get bored during navigation. There were months of work. About three renovations in the information structure and design of the entire site.

- Jessica Serrano



About Jessica Serrano

Jessica Serrano is from Santa Cruz, Boliva. She is one of the founders of "Amelie – Conceptos Visuales", a young company that started as a common dream of three friends in college (Anry Tsukayama and Daniela Costas). Their strengths are illustration, creating characters for different brands, animations, stop motion, web design and everything that leads their imagination. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile.

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