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Sprint Couriers Rebranding

Sprint Couriers Rebranding

Adrian van Os
March 22, 2018
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Sprint Couriers is a local courier company in Botswana. In my opinion I felt that their logo looked out dated and i thought it would be an enjoyable rebrand project. My intention is to have this project gain some talk around the town, which could possibly lead to sprint couriers contacting me to rebrand.

My main motivation for rebranding sprint couriers was influenced by DHL and Fedex having much better logos and a better brand in general. I thought of rebranding this company so that it could become a equal competitor to DHL and Fedex

I started of designing the logo in a negative space and monogram style. while i was designing the logo i already started messing around with the idea of having a repetitive pattern somewhere in the graphic elements. i thought it was very important to ensure the logo used the same colours just to make sure the existing clients don't receive too much of a shock. I used illustrator, photoshop and InDesign to complete the project.

The project is still new, at the moment i've only herd good things. Im sure the project will be received well locally as the logo is itching for a redesign and the brand looks much more modern and current with the redesign.

Adrian van Os

Dutch designer based in Botswana. He has a multi cultural background. He has a passion for learning and exploring different design trends and techniques. He aspires to create ground breaking and jaw dropping work. His aim is always to create works that combine concepts with strong simplistic and clean executions. He always strives to create eye catching and user-orientated graphic design.

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