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Super Madness Bros by Juan Felipe Amaya

Super Madness Bros by Juan Felipe Amaya

Marianne Piano
March 31, 2016

Super Madness Bros project is a tribute to one of the most played Nintendo video game "Super Mario Brother." Our featured artist made a vector fan art of the game characters. Read on and see how he made his "madness" versions of the characters. Enjoy!

Super Madness Bros is a tribute to my favorite video game, I used to play it all nights with my brothers, I have really good memories about it. The idea was to drop a different perspective of the game, something weird, gore and fun.

- Juan Felipe Amaya



The project was finish in about a month, since it was a personal project I had to work on it using my free time.

- Juan Felipe Amaya




First, I drew some doodles to get the general idea of the characters; I tried to give them their own personality based on no regular scenes, playing with the elements in the game.

- Juan Felipe Amaya



Once I was pleased with the way they look, I started to create the vector version, adding some colors, textures and different backgrounds. The next step was design the poster and the SNES cover, I think the cover make it look more complete and sells the idea that is a real game.

- Juan Felipe Amaya



My favorite tool is my Wacom Intuos, but I always start the projects with pen and paper. When I have a good sketch I open illustrator and I start working on the details. After having the results that I want, I finish the artwork in Photoshop, playing with colors, mid-tones and adding some textures.

- Juan Felipe Amaya


Juan Felipe Amaya, a Graphic Designer from Medellin - Colombia. He defines himself as a visual designer. His main focus is Illustration, Typography and branding.

See more of his artwork on Behance and you can follow him on Tumblr.

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