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Sophie Christensen
February 7, 2017
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What do Bessermachen Design Studio and Hans Christian Andersen have in common? The short answer is that we both share a passion for a great story. A great story told in words, pictures and graphics. That is why we combined great stories with lovely chocolate and interpreted it into 9 wonderful, fairy-tale bars of chocolate.

Our goal was to reinterpret the Hans Christian universe, giving it a totally new slant in design and chocolate. But we wanted more than that, because we wanted to make it up to date and relevant. Not because we wished in any way to interfere with a unique piece of cultural history, but because the fairy tales are just as meaningful and relevant today as when they were written. Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales are all about betrayal, greed, overweening ambition and love. When looked at through contemporary eyes, these themes still captivate and fascinate us.

We drew our inspiration for both the design and the chocolate from the fairy tales, which have so much to offer. In many respects, they represent an open book when it comes to understanding the very essence of Denmark. So this was a natural starting point when it came to merging design tradition with excellent ingredients.
But we also wanted to be seductive, obviously via a highly expressive packaging design. We wanted to create a premium look to match the premium chocolate, which Konnerup represents. What’s more, to put the finishing touch to this ultimate experience, the illustration on each bar of chocolate was based on a Hans Christian Andersen paper-cut, interpreted by Niels Ditlev. You see, once upon a time there was a wise man, who said: “Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” Not to mention a little piece of chocolate.

It has been very well received all over the world. Everybody loves HC Andersen and we made sure to cherish and treat the old fairy tales with great respect and honor in every step we had in developing the packaging design. From choosing the right chocolates, telling the right stories, bringing the stories to life through creating the illustrations, defining the right colors into choosing the right paper quality in the printing phase we made no compromises anywhere. We hold on to the idea and now the result has payed of.

Sophie Christensen

The heart of Bessermachen is a passion for design, and that heart symbolically stands for what we burn for. We love design that does more than just create a new look or form. Because to us, design should be a direct and all encompassing reflection of a client, product or organization, and that idea is what we lead with. We work primarily within packaging and corporate identity.

Design is communication. That is why Bessermachen sees packaging as a medium within itself, and simply put, winning a customer often takes place on the shelf.
A thought, feeling or impression can lead to a concrete action. That is precisely why packaging is vital, whether it is for baby food, tea or muesli. So for all of those who dare to push the bar and take a step further, the possibilities are endless.

Bessermachen strives to partner with these industry leaders who want to create new and exciting advances within the packaging field.

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