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The girl and the grape juice

The girl and the grape juice

Melina Pierro
January 20, 2022
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Re-reading of Aesop's fable "The fox and the grapes" for a collab in which several illustrators made their own interpretation of the fable.

I tried to come up with a modern approach for the story while keeping a similar moral and references to the original fable. The character design is inspired by foxes and the juice flavor is grapes.

The illustrations were created in Clip Studio Paint. I first made rough sketches and refined them until I was happy with the composition. Then I tested tonal value and color to guide the final illustration. The painting process was simple: blocking flat colors and adding line art and shading where necessary.

I had really nice feedback and it was a great addition to my illustration portfolio.

I enjoyed working on this project a lot and I recommend participating in collabs whenever possible to challenge yourself and try new things. Thanks for checking my project and I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my process :)
You can find all of the other illustrator's work in the project link:

Melina Pierro

Designer, illustrator and comic artist

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