Thrive to Lead Brand Identity

I developed the brand identity for Thrive to Lead, a sales leadership consulting and coaching business, through my graphic design and branding company, Anchored Creative Studio. Launching her own business after years in the sales industry, I worked with Kristen, the entrepreneur behind Thrive to Lead, to develop an identity that was bold, strong, and simple. I created the company’s logo and color palette, established brand fonts, and provided a company website developed on Squarespace, business cards and stationery suite.

Through collaboration with my client. After hearing the way she’d like people to feel after working with her business, I was able to develop a style that would work along with that. These choices were very diplomatic to make sure the clients that interacted with Thrive to Lead felt the company was trustworthy and a leader.

The Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign and Illustrator. For the website, it was developed using Squarespace. It was great to be able to work on all parts of this brand identity – including both print and digital elements. It really helped pull all parts of the branding together, helping to create a truly visually cohesive company.

Positively – I think the bold colors and other design elements were great choices for the way this business was looking to portray themselves. This was the first time I developed a full Squarespace website for a client, so this included a huge learning opportunity. It also helped me realized the importance of having one designer create both print and digital elements, so that it creates a truly cohesive experience.

Anna Beyerle