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Toshr by Victor Cuenca

Toshr by Victor Cuenca

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June 19, 2015

Ever wished to save a page or post from the internet that interest you or you want to read later? Traditionally we'll turn to Bookmark but with Toshr, a sleek web-based application created graphic designer Victor Cuenca, you will be able to save any content from the web that you can easily access whenever you want to check it.


Toshr is a web-based application that allows the user to save any content from the web so they can access it whenever they have the time to do it. It shows a cleaner version of the original content the same way other “read it later” applications do, but with a more interactive and beautiful interface that makes it easier and more attractive to find what you’re looking for.
-Victor Cuenca



I tried different applications that have the same functionality and made an analysis from the design point of view on what elements were offering a better experience for the user. From there I made some wireframes and prototypes to start testing how the user interacted with the application.There’s a lot of valuable content on the web, I use a lot of “read it later” applications to try to read as much content as I can, but I wasn’t fully satisfy with the interface other options offered. That was my inspiration to work on this project.
-Victor Cuenca


I struggle a bit on developing this project so my recommendation is to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and learn during the process the stuff that is going to help you achieve it to avoid losing time.
-Victor Cuenca


Victor Cuenca a designer with coding skills from Mexico. He has a strong passion for new technologies applied to innovative products such as applications, games and websites that offers good user experiences. See more of his work at Behance or website.

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3 comments on “Toshr by Victor Cuenca”

  1. Exactly what I was searching for. I too wasn't really happy with other save now, read later apps and was searching for a better alternative. Though, I'm yet to try Toshr, but from the pics and initial impressions, it's looking like this might well be the one. It has a much simpler, beautiful and solid design compared to those overly complicated apps which try to do so many things at once but fail to do the job well.

  2. Very creative and intelligent design of the app. I would love to use this app, where can I find it? I can read my stuff while traveling on weekends. Thanks.

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