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Anna Zub
July 27, 2018
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Here is the set of unicorn theme objects on blue background. There are three different unicorns and cute items, like stars, hearts, clouds and a rainbow.
The unicorns have different mane and tail's color with glitter. Also there is a seamless version of a picture.

This project was a test task for a job I applied to. The theme was chosen by a manager. Design is seamless for the task was to create a cover for a clear water bottle. Target audience is 5-10 years, though we all know that everyone likes unicorns.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create this. Flat design is what I am fond of.
First of all I depicted the main characters - unicorns, then appeared other objects.
And a little bit of the process. The surroundings were made at the end, I was not sure about other items and tried to make hearts and stars

I learned how to make something really cute and stunning from this project. And practised my skills in illustrating. Now I know how to make a seamless drawing quickly. This project was something like a therapy, when you return to childhood

Anna Zub

Graphic Designer, Digital Artist

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