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Untitled Stencil Series

Untitled Stencil Series

Bogdan Katsuba
June 30, 2021
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These are some of the art pieces I created for an art exhibition in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2018 that extended into a stencil project that still continues in 2020. Some of them were inspired by traditional art motifs, translated to a new graphic language, others were inspired by urban themes and nature.

Stenciling was a new technique for me, so trying it in various ways seemed exciting, and it was!

After drafting on paper, i created vector illustrations on my Mac. Then i printed the stencils, cut them out by hand using an x-acto knife, and filled them in using a sponge and acrylics.

This project resulted in a new work i created for a client in the same technique. I also obtained some new skills, that i kept using in my later projects.

Bogdan Katsuba

Black Belt Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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