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Urban Home & Life by Jasna Bukvic

Urban Home & Life by Jasna Bukvic

Honey Adraque
August 27, 2015

Two creative and clever brain behaind curtains makes life bright and easier. This project was made for deluxury dishes web site who sales dishes and things for home. A great black and white combination for someone you love. Let us take a look and enjoy!

I'v been inspired by cute dishes and mama kitchen so you can seep your heart for your daily love.Simple and sweat. Making of Urban Home and Life logo was challenging for me, same as the making of the sweetest and taste as cupcakes from the store. Also, I had 3 revisions.

- Jasna Bukvic













About Jasna Bukvic

Jasna Bukvic finished high school in Sarajevo and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. She worked on many professional projects during her career and across many industries such as the creation of posters, logos, illustrations, flyers, advertising material and brochures. Additionally, she has also been working in the 3D animation space within a production company, evolving in a team with many skills and talents. You can find more of my artworks on my Behance profile.

4 comments on “Urban Home & Life by Jasna Bukvic”

  1. When you are putting together a branding package, you want it to spell out something about the brand, right? That was done very well here. Good work!

  2. I am obsessed with these designs! I love their simplicity, but they are still so cute and fun. Without a doubt one of the best designs that I have seen on her, and I would not be surprised if others agree.

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