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Vale do Nunca

Vale do Nunca

Thiago Garcia
April 26, 2017
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It's a piece of art that which depicts a amazing valley in a different and happy world. This artwork is a collab that I did with my younger brother. He liked it very much and I hope you enjoy it too.

My younger brother helped me to get this idea, he drew on a paper and I turned into art. I tried to make a style with enveloping colors that showed something cheerful and childlike. You can see the process in the behind of scenes video.

Adobe Photoshop CC. I used the Lasso Tool of Photoshop to create the scenery shapes, and a painted everything with brushes. The choice of colors were very well thought out. I wanted to bring something that represented harmony and happiness.

Everything it's normal, I don't have a big public, but the people who know my arts liked it very much. I all my arts I want to bring something far from the common, I want inspire the people in the best way.

Behind the scenes:

Thiago Garcia

Thiago Garcia, 17 years old, digital artist and student.

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