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Viola Hotel by Stanislav Kaminskyi

Viola Hotel by Stanislav Kaminskyi

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November 13, 2015
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Viola hotel is located in Saudi Arabia. A client rented this hotel for some time and was required to renovate this premises in modern style design which reflects their culture and brings more luxury look. So guests will feel more cozy and comfortable there.So, architect Stanislav Kaminskyi came up with a design that will satisfy the client and the people who will see it.

Stanislav Kaminskyi

Stanislav Kaminskyi

For me design just flows and I'm always trying to impress with new ideas.In the conclusion its just lots of work and research. The inspiration basically came from my research. With regards to people I admire, I'm not looking at particularly one designer. During that time that I was designing this project, I developed my own style. Also, the look and the end design always depends on what the client want from you.
-Stanislav Kaminskyi

Stanislav Kaminskyi



The advice I can give to aspiring artists is very simple, work a lot and gain more experience. This way, you will progress further and further. This will also help you hone and develop your work.
-Stanislav Kaminskyi





About Stanislav Kaminskyi

Stanislav Kaminskyi is an architect and interior designer working with different styles from contemporary to modern classic. Creating projects mainly around the world and trying to change clients views in better way. Stanislav studied in England and acquired his BA Hons in interior architecture and design degree. See more of his works on Behance.

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