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Welike playstore screen

Welike playstore screen

Shahzan Haleem
April 11, 2019
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The brief was to come up with design ideas for Playstore, which can represents what all welike offers to the users, since we have very less space to represent the full app. which means more challenges in expressions and make it understand to users who have very less time to go through in that span of time user actually understands the full story whether this app. is enough useful to them or not or somewhere is it interesting to download where they can actually sees and keeps the retention value.

So this all are research project, since we know our audience who is the youth of the country, we understood their psyche, we did lot of survey to get the insights of the users and most importantly what to represent in the image so that it makes a sense to our users, and what things attract them to be on app. for longer period of time. and off-course by applying the design methodology step by step to achieve the results.

So after the brainstorming session, I put it on sticky notes to make it more proper and to know what the exact processes for that, and where am i going in the process, then after that there is a time to put everything on software ( generally I use photoshop and illustrator for graphic design and sketch for UI) and make it exactly how we have visualise in the process. and there are times when it seems that something is not working out and something we got stuck for long but at the end everything makes sense which earlier were not making at all.
so this is the process which I generally follows in my design briefs.

It's always good to see people reactions on the projects, sometimes it's very unexpected that people do appreciate the projects on basis of their taste and likes, so it's always a mixed reactions, I always open for feedbacks this helps me a lot in improvising my work.

always true to what you like to do, because you always putting your 100% in that thing which you like most to do.

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