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Whispering The Alphabet by Katarzyna Zapart

Whispering The Alphabet by Katarzyna Zapart

Marianne Piano
March 7, 2016

Whispering The Alphabet is a project that our featured artist created where in her opinion, the alphabet in the story is a metaphor of human life, the beginning and the end. Read on and see how this amazing artist made one beautiful masterpiece from a simple letter mixed with artifacts.

It was the best job offer so far: Canadian theatre artist asked me to make a poster for his metaphorical short story "Whispering the alphabet", the poster which would be 100% my interpretation.

- Katarzyna Zapart



It is hard to say how long it all took. The creative process - thinking, was quite stretched in time, but the execution took exactly 3 days: day 1: I bought paper, baby dummies and candles, day 2: I constructed it all and photographed the set, and on the same day and a half of day 3 I was retouching it in photoshop

- Katarzyna Zapart


In my opinion, the alphabet in the story is a metaphor of human life, so I decided to show "A" as the beginning of life and "Z" as the end. Meanwhile, I thought about some typography variations - small "a" would be chubby as a baby and thin "Z" would symbolise a dead person. In the end I decided that simple letters mixed with artefacts connected to birth and death would be the best solution.

- Katarzyna Zapart



11165145_1662507147312544_4547880094321403638_o copy

Coloured thick paper, baby dummies, candles. acrylic paints, shiny warnish, Canon 600D, Photoshop.
My favorite quote is “He can who thinks he can, and he can't who thinks he can't. This is an inexorable, indisputable law.” - Pablo Picasso

- Katarzyna Zapart

A fin

Z fin


Katarzyna Zapart a 27-year-old, Kraków-based graphic designer. Double Graphics winner, participant of poster exhibitions all around the world. Most of the time she is occupied with designing. If not – sailing, dancing or eating.

See more of her artworks on Behance.

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