Wine Cooler

This wine cooler is made for people who love drinking wine and receiving guests at home. Through a very simple mechanism, the user can remove the internal cup and add water and ice cubes to the cooler. Just put the cup back in, put the wine bottle inside it and the wine will stay cool for much longer. It’s and affordable, practical and useful item to decorate your dinner table.

When making this project, we thought about young adults who want to decorate their places and have a beautiful table to enjoy dinner with friends, but cannot afford expensive items. We chose plastic as a material for this object because it’s very affordable and allows us to create a lot of interesting shapes.

We used Rhinoceros for creating the 3D model and 3ds Max for rendering. Because it’s a geometric shape, it was quite easy to model. The rendering process was more challenging due to the plastic transparency. We also built a volumetric model using Polyurethane to help us define the size and shape of the object.

This project was made as an exercise in a materials and production processes class. We researched and learned a lot about different types of plastic and production processes. We were young students and didn’t know much about how plastic blowing process works, so it was a challenge to define a shape and mechanism that could be produced that way.

This project was made by Bianca Bouzon, Flavia Pareja and Julia Sartori, a team of young designers in PUC university in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Julia Sartori

22, Product and Jewelry Designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.