WoodBox by Andrew Chiniakov

WoodBox is a mobile housing project by Andrew Chiniakov. Boxes adapts to any type of terrain & fit into the environment. The main principles of the project are: mobility, adaptability, environmental friendliness and passivity. Environmental friendliness is achieved by the use of natural materials, with minimal impact on the environment. Boxing provides itself with electricity by solar panels and a wind generator, water filtered by precipitation.

Mobile housing – an actual topic for today. Modern urbanized people are still connected with the environment, to relax. At the same time by not abandoning the minimum comforts. The choice of material and color was done primarily to integrate the environment of the object. In the box provided sleeping area, eating, studying and working, storage. Also, you can relax in an armchair with a book in the library. Boxing mobility is achieved also by mobile transformable furniture in it.

– Andrew Chiniakov

Work began with sketching ideas, looking for references and inspiration. Decision planning problems, imaginative solutions, choice of materials and technical equipment. I also worked on the ideas of transforming furniture. The basis was taken the program for modeling 3ds max 2014 Design. Rendering plug-in to visualize has chosen to Corona renderer 1.3. Also in the scene I used a plugin Floor generator. The script Bookmanager was used for arbitrary layouts of books on the shelves. In filling of the interior of the model were used Evermotion and 3ddd resource. For post-processing of images was used by the PS CC.

– Andrew Chiniakov

Since I am taking my master’s degree at the university. And my main critics were the teacher and fellow students. The work has not been widely represented on the Internet resources. But the topic is relevant and I think anyone would want to live in such conditions.

– Andrew Chiniakov

About Andrew Chiniakov

Andrew Chiniakov is a 23-year-old student master’s degree at the Poltava National Technical Yuriy Kondratyuk University, Architectural faculty from Poltava, Ukraine. He’s an architect, interior & exterior designer, 3D visual artist and graphic designer. His main specialty are modeling and visualization in 3Ds max + Corona Renderer with an experience of over 3 years.