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Bartosz Morawski
August 23, 2018
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My aim was to illustrate the quite complex process of producing a circuit board, which is a part of the controller (also a product of this brand) thanks to which it is possible to control various parameters in many devices on the market. Although it was a complicated task it was also a great fun. Getting to know a specific business and trying to understand the benefits that it brings is always a great experience to me.

From the beginning I knew that the illustration will be used on the website and that individual process modules will be cropped for the need of their descriptions, so all segments of this story have to be clearly visible and legible. It was a natural fact to make a decision about the isometric distribution of the final composition in order to help in access to every part of the process.

When it comes to style, well, I really like to balance between reality and stylization. I do not do realism in my works, I only try to create forms based on what we remember and recognize. In what I do I really like to stylize a world that does not exist and which I imagined. I just like how things do not seem to be what they really are at first glance.

To combine the illustration with the Zytron brand, we tried to keep the colour palettes identifying the brand. Finally, we added more silver, gold and a few dominants to stay in close relation to the world of electronics.

The Client knew his production process and method of using the product best and provided me with a diagram which describes the stages he would like to show. Then I made a sketch/concept of the whole layout where I tried to simplify as many things as possible. On the sketch we also have determined the compositional direction and the very initial appearance of the objects.

Everything has been modeled from scratch in Cinema 4D in very simple ways. I often look or draw the object I need in an illustration and then try to do it in a simplified and synthetic way. For lighting and rendering I used Octane, which I really like ?

I have received a very good response when it comes to this job. At the end of such works I never expect anything special, perhaps because I managed to distance myself from my work by sitting deep in thinking about the form itself. Usually, these are nice surprises.

I'm learning all the time doing every project. At this time, I think I've learned that even the most complicated issue can be demonstrated by means of illustration.

All the best!
Bartosz Morawski

Zytron project on Behance:

Bartosz Morawski

3d artist Bartosz Morawski specialises on 3d illustration, key visual production, photo manipulation and post-production. With background in photo and video post-production, Bartosz Morawski is always excited and fascinated to combine different techniques in his works, including 3D, photo and craft.

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