Zzara Vol I

Series of images following the release of Zzara’s music album. Her album consists of several experimental electronica compositions, with her vocal over it. She is one of the very few in Kazakhstan, who is producing quite courageous things in music. I also really like the music. So the decision to develop her release into something bigger came together with her idea to create this album. Plus collaborations are always mind blowing and expanding imagination.

The idea was to create simple graphics, use her appearance to tease what normally considered to be fashion photogrpahy. Rougness, collage like aesthetics and bright colours. As for the process of development – we wanted just several bright colours, and then picked few dresses for the shoot. The rest was an experiment on site.

Photoshop, Illustrator and camera. We were just laughing, making lots of photos. It was simultaneously happening with recording a video for her release. Then, when Zzara left – some immediate work followed – cutting bits and pieces, comparing fragments, putting together. It took several days to keep it settle in mind, before coming back to work again. After checking it again – further corrections, adding a bit texture, slightly roughening it even more. Boom! – done. Let’s leave it there.

Various responses followed publication of work. At times it was commented to be a bit too simple, too rough and too collage-like. For me, as a freelance designer, who initiated the idea of these art works and aspired for experiment, those comments didn’t hurt.
Some people liked the work. Nice for them. And me, I guess.

Don’t take yourself too serious. That’s the agenda of all.

Lena Pozdnyakova

sounds • lines • objects • spaces