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Collages 2015 by Raphael Vicenzi

Collages 2015 by Raphael Vicenzi

Marianne Piano
December 29, 2015

Collages 2015 is a self-initiated project by our featured artist, Raphael. We featured the first set of this series last October. Let's check it out! Enjoy!

These digital collages are my self initiated works, for the sheer pleasure of creating something new.

- Raphael Vicenzi

Demonslayer II


They were all created within the last two months, usually between one or two days. I used Photoshop, scanned textures, scanned pictures in this project.

- Raphael Vicenzi


I did not have a specific idea about each piece before I started to work on them. They are still influenced by my own interests in space, ghosts, demon hunting & fashion.

- Raphael Vicenzi



My favorite quote is “The artist cannot look to others to validate his efforts or his calling. If you don't believe me, ask Van Gogh, who produced masterpiece after masterpiece and never found a buyer in his whole life.” ― Steven Pressfield, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles

- Raphael Vicenzi


Raphaël Vicenzi a.k.a Mydeadpony is a self-taught artist. He is currently living in Brussels, Belgium with his wife and child. His works are influenced by fashion,illustration, street art, collages and graffiti. See more of his amazing arts in Behance, follow him in Tumblr and his website.

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